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The Church Mutual Risk Reporter newsletter provides tips and insights to help you recognize exposures and implement risk control solutions at your facility.

Summer 2019: Addressing the risk of sexual abuse

Summer 2019 Church Mutual Risk ReporterThis issue of Risk Reporter addresses the risk of sexual abuse. We offer a checklist for sexual abuse prevention preparedness, along with the steps to take in developing sexual abuse policies and procedures. Also, learn how to make informed decisions when hiring employees or selecting volunteers who will work with children.

In this issue:

  • Sexual abuse prevention assessment
  • How do your sexual abuse policies and procedures stack up?
  • Protect your most vulnerable with a comprehensive safety system
  • Sex offenders and your organization
  • Protecting the Greater Good™ – in the palm of your hand

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Summer 2018: Risk Control

Summer 2018 Church Mutual Risk ReporterThis Risk Reporter shows you the destructive force of weather and natural disasters cannot be contained or predicted. At Church Mutual, we will help you weather any storm and be there in your time of need.

In this issue:

  • Tips for thunderstorm safety
  • Having a plan for hurricanes
  • Wildfire safety
  • Evaluating your preparedness for earthquakes
  • Does your organization have a business continuation plan?

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Spring 2018: Risk Control

Spring 2018 Church Mutual Risk ReporterThis Risk Reporter shows you how risk control is fundamental to the safety of your organization. This translates to a safer environment for all, fewer disruptions and fewer financial hardships to your organization.

In this issue:

  • Risk control central
  • Consultants in the field
  • Finding the full value of your building
  • Creating an ergonomic environment
  • Partner services

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Fall 2017: Grounds safety

Fall 2017 Church Mutual Risk ReporterThis Risk Reporter will show you ways you can improve the safety of your grounds, reduce slips, trips and falls and avoid distracted walking. We’ve also included a parking lot form to help you keep track of salting, sanding and shoveling schedules

In this issue:

  • Slips, trips and falls: a three-pronged risk management approach
  • Cellphone use and walking don’t mix
  • Ladders vs. chairs
  • Sidewalk, parking lot inspections key to safety

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Summer 2017: Using the best hiring practices

Summer 2017 Church Mutual Risk ReporterThis Risk Reporter will show you ways you can screen potential employees and how to manage volunteers. We've also included an HR checklist to make sure you are following best practices.

In this issue:

  • Behavioral assessments help employers hire only the best
  • The importance of employee and volunteer screenings
  • Volunteer management and safety
  • Human resources best practices checklist

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Spring 2017: Armed Intruder Security

Spring 2017 Church Mutual Risk ReporterThis Risk Reporter will show you ways you can track, monitor and compile a list of suspicious behaviors so that you might avert a violent event from occurring at your facility. We&rsquove also included information on crisis communication plans.

In this issue:

  • Behavioral warning signs of a violent person
  • The benefit of anonymous reporting tools
  • Social media mining defined
  • Crisis communication plans can save lives
  • Active assailant planning checklist

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